A Fan-Favorite Oreo Flavor Is Back Just in Time for Fall


While pumpkin remains a staple flavor when the fall comes around, there's another flavor that has us feeling warm and cozy just in time for September. Oreo is bringing back their limited edition Maple Creme variety.

The special Oreos first debuted last August for the fall season and were swept off of shelves until they were no longer available. @CandyHunting has dived into this year's batch already to share the results with fans.

"I bought these off Walmart's website. They also have orange Halloween Oreos," the account writes.

The cookie giant has also unveiled their orange creme-filled cookies just in time for Halloween, sandwiched between two chocolate wafers.

The Maple Creme variety, however, use the golden cookies to hold it all together, allowing for a more rich and sweet flavor to compliment the maple creme flavoring.

People are already coming up with a series of Maple Creme Oreo baked goods to try out by including the cookies in their recipes, crushed or whole.

According to Delish, many are hoping for the opportunity to fry these cookies up for a fall take on the fried Oreo.

The new fall-inspired varieties come after a lull in new flavor offerings from the cookie giant, as coronavirus had companies scrounging for supplies and focusing more on their more popular, staple items.

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, consumers rushed to the grocery stores to grab their favorite snacks and cabinet-fillers to stock up in preparation of a long quarantine. Unfortunately, some of the wackier-flavored items didn't make that list.

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