McDonald's Is Joining the Fried Chicken Ranks With New Breakfast Items


The day has finally come! McDonald’s is joining the ranks of fried chicken masters and coming in hot with their own rendition of the fried favorites.

The chain is offering up a chicken dish unlike the spicy renditions of the sandwich that are making rounds at Popeyes. McDonald’s is now serving up Chicken McGriddle and McChicken Biscuit breakfast sandwiches.

The new items feature McDonald’s classic crispy McChicken strips sandwiched between either a warm biscuit or maple-injected pancake slices. The new menu items will only be available for a limited time, so get ‘em while they’re hot!

The news of the new chicken items first made its rounds late in 2019 when Business Insider reported on the sandwiches based on leaked documents. People reached out to McDonald’s for comment at the time, to which they responded, “What came first, the chicken or the egg? Set your alarm for more reasons to visit McDonald’s for breakfast in 2020.”

Fast food chains and chicken connoisseurs all over have been ramping up their menus in an attempt to join the race for the best chicken sandwich. Now, McDonald’s will be using their new items as ammo to beef up their breakfast game while also joining the chicken races.

Other chains, like IHOP, are working fast to make their breakfast menu something to gawk over. They’re even opening up a new fast-casual chain this year called Flip’d, completely dedicated to breakfast favorites and fun twists on classics.

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