McDonald’s CEO Says Employees Might Call Police on Customers Not Wearing Face Masks


McDonald’s is standing firmly behind their face mask policy.

Last week, the burger chain announced it would require all customers to wear a mask inside their restaurants beginning August 1.

McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinsk has since elaborated saying the company felt it was “prudent” to implement the policy.

"We're spending a lot of time right now in our restaurants making sure we can keep our crews safe, making sure we can keep our customers safe," Kempczinski told "CBS This Morning.” "We've for quite some time required our crew to wear masks, but we thought that in light of what we're seeing, it's prudent now that we also ask our customers to wear masks in the restaurant as well."

He also revealed their workforce is being trained to "explain to customers why we have the requirement" and also with "deescalation” techniques should anyone refuse to wear a mask.

Mask policies have led to altercations between customers and staff at various retail stores around the country including Target and Staples.

In an effort to keep his employees safe, Kempczinski said he hasn’t ruled out having staff call the police should a situation escalate.

"If someone is unwilling to wear a mask and comply with our rules, that might be where we might bring in law enforcement," he said.

"Ultimately, we're not going to be asking our crew people to put themselves in harm's way," the CEO added.

The list of stores mandating masks in their outlets continues to grow and includes Target, Home Depot, Starbucks and Walmart.

To keep employees and customers safe, Walmart has created a dedicated enforcement team made up of specially trained “health ambassadors” who will work to help implement the rule.

“Our Health Ambassadors are receiving special de-escalation training to help make the process as smooth as possible for customers,” Walmart spokeswoman Rebecca Thomason previously said in a statement.

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