McDonald's new Spicy Chicken McNuggets could sell out soon


The spicy chicken drama never ends.

While fast food fans everywhere clamor for the latest in spicy chicken sandwiches, nuggets, and more, McDonald's newest offerings could be facing a shortage in the near future.

The fast food giant debuted their Spicy Chicken McNuggets in mid-September along with the Chips Ahoy! McFlurry nationwide. Now, the nuggets are selling out in many restaurants across the country.

McDonald's unveiled their McNugget plans back in August on their Instagram account, noting that it's "the hottest news you'll see on your feed today."

The spicy variety of the McDonald's fan-favorite menu item is the first new rendition of the McNugget since its conception in 1983. Along with the nuggets, fast food connoisseurs can get the Mighty Hot Sauce.

"The new dipping sauce is both our first new sauce innovation since 2017 and the hottest one available at McDonald's. Trust us - you're going to want to take a dip," a McDonald's press release read.

Customers quickly realized, however, that the Mighty Hot Sauce was rarely available at their local McD's. "Our McDonald's never has the spicy sauce," one user wrote on Instagram.

But the seeming lack of these menu items just speaks to their popularity amongst spicy chicken lovers everywhere.

"McDonald's fans across the country are loving the new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, Mighty Hot Sauce and Chips Ahoy! McFlurry we introduced earlier this month, and we're thrilled with the positive response to these limited-time offerings," McDonald's USA said in a statement to Today Food.

"If our customers truly can't get enough, there's always a chance we'll bring limited-time menu items back in the future. You never know, you might just see some of these fan-favorites again soon..." the statement continued.

McDonald's confirmed that these popular items could sell out in the coming days if strong customer demand continues the way it has been, Today reports.

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