McDonald’s Offering Free Spicy Chicken McNuggets on Wednesday


This is one hot deal.

McDonald’s is running a special offer to celebrate its new Spicy Chicken McNuggets on Wednesday, Sept. 16, which is also the day that the item will be available.

The promotion, which the chain dubbed “Spicesurance,” gives customers a free 6-piece order of the new McNuggets (spicy or original) with the purchase of the new Spicy Chicken McNuggets on the McDonald’s app.

McDonald’s marked the promotional offer with a hilariously lengthy (around 9,000 words) and bizarre “Fine Print” that outlines rules and terms and gets a little surreal and existential. (Section and subsection titles include: “What is a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget?”, “What is a McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNugget?”, and “In the context of Chicken McNuggets, what is eating?”)

Spicesurance also comes with a 40-minute video of former NFL defensive tackle Anthony “Spice” Adams reading the entire document.

The Spicy Chicken McNuggets are the first new nugget flavor made available by the chain since the product debuted in 1983.

The offer is only available through the app on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

McDonald’s also has a limited-edition Travis Scott Meal — a beef Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon and lettuce, a medium French fries with BBQ sauce to dip, and a medium Sprite — for $6.

The “collab” also comes with a line of new merch that includes t-shirts, jeans, rugs, trays and a chicken nugget body pillow.

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