Medical Mask Prices Surge on Amazon as CDC Warns of Coronavirus in the US


The demand for face masks has gone up since the spread of the coronavirus across the world. Now, Amazon users are noticing a huge spike in medical face masks due the high demand of the product.

The hygienic masks, which are designed to stop the spread of illnesses like the coronavirus, have gone up in price since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that the respiratory disease could pose a serious threat to the U.S.

USA Today reports that while prices for one variety of 100 disposable masks was originally priced at $125, by Wednesday, the price had jumped to $220. Another variety of the masks was initially priced at $4.21 in early January. Now, the masks have jumped to $14.99, more than tripling in price.

As people get more and more cautious about their exposure to illnesses amid the coronavirus scare, the U.S. government has not declared the illness as a pandemic. The government has also not suggested that people should use the masks for prevention.

Despite confusion over the effectiveness of the mask, sellers continue to monopolize on the coronavirus outbreak to market their masks to frightened consumers. There is now a much higher demand for both cheap and pricier varieties of protective face masks.

In an effort to increase the effectiveness of the masks, the CDC has additionally provided an infographic to consumers, outlining which forms of facial hair are most and least conducive to effective mask-wearing.

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