LISTEN: Former friend of First Lady on new book, COVID-19 diagnosis of Donald and Melania Trump

After tumultuous news broke that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for coronavirus, a former friend of the first lady’s dropped by KNX In-Depth to talk about their relationship, a new book and COVID-19 diagnosis.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former senior adviser to the first lady, is author a new book, "Melania and Me."

Wolkoff said she wishes Trump and Melania well in their recovery from COVID-19 adding “I can only imagine the chaos going on right now in the White House right now.”

So far today, Donald Trump is fatigued, headed to Walter Reed hospital and taking an experimental antibody cocktail as well as experiencing “mild symptoms” of coronavirus while Melania Trump is also experiencing mild symptoms.

Wolkoff has also taped Melania secretly in the past, as exclusively reported by CNN this week. The tapes, according to a CNN story, were recorded in 2018 and include comments about Melania’s reaction to being criticized about President Trump’s family separation policy over those who had illegally crossed into the United States from across the border. In another recording, she discusses conditions migrant children faced and the “coyotes,” according to an AP story.

Wolkoff said she has no contact with anybody inside the White House any longer.

“I think we have a humanitarian crisis all around us. I don’t think we would be told that by the president or the people working with him,” she said. She said Trump isn’t listening to the scientists and the experts when it comes to coronavirus.

Wolkoff gave some insight into the White House.

“On the East Wing, it is very different and quiet yet the First Lady does make the ultimate decisions but right now I am not in there, I don’t know who he’s listening to, perhaps it’s Jared and Ivanka and that leaves us all hoping the best for our country,” she said.

“This president doesn’t just double down, triple down. If he would just come out and admit there was an error, a mistake. We have lost hundreds, thousands of lives,” she said. “I do hope and pray that the experts - more [experts] come out to express concern.”

Wolkoff said “Melania is strong.”

“I think she is a very healthy woman who works out and eats well and takes care of herself. I do want to say as far as speaking with her and being her friend, we are no longer in contact,” she said.

Wolkoff said “I did not take an advance for this book. This was not for money” when it came to writing the book.

“I needed to tell my story and I needed to close this chapter of my life. It really created such destruction in my world and took away my life - my 25 years of building my own legacy and my own hard work,” she said.

She said “socially, economically, psychologically what happened to me under my friend’s watch was one of the worst things that could happen to someone.”

“It wasn’t until after I had been wrongfully accused, as well as, in order for them to conceal a lot of the things that go on at the White House, my friend turned her back on me when I needed her the most and she did it in a way that I don’t think anyone can possibly imagine that feeling of betrayal after you’ve left behind a world you that you’ve created and worked so hard for to give up to help your friend who had no one. Melania had no one helping her,” she said.

Who has tested positive for COVID-19 so far? Who has tested negative? 

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