Mom Battling Coronavirus Gives Birth While in Coma


A Washington woman, sick with coronavirus, gave birth to her second child while in a medically induced coma.

Angela Primachenko, 27, tested positive for COVID-19 on March 24. She was immediately admitted to Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center where her condition worsened. At 33 weeks pregnant, she was placed in the intensive care unit and put on a ventilator.

As her symptoms got even worse, doctors put Primachenko in a medically induced coma. Days later, she gave birth to her second child. Her newborn daughter tested negative for the coronavirus.

Primachenko's health began to improve after the birth of her daughter, and she was taken off of the ventilator on April 6, Today reports.

She was released from the hospital over the weekend, but will need to test negative for the coronavirus twice before she is able to hold her daughter. Her daughter remains in the NICU.

Primachenko's husband, David, has no health ailments at this time and is able to be with their daughter while his wife recovers. Primachenko keeps her visits with her daughter to FaceTime.

Primachenko called into the Today show on Monday, where she said, "I feel like I'm a miracle walking. It was just extremely mind-blowing." She also revealed that her new daughter's name is Ava, which means "breath of life."

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