Mom Embarrasses Son With Videos of ‘Toilet Paper Funerals’ for Empty Rolls


With people stocking up on toilet paper across the country, one woman is making sure each roll gets its recognition for all the essential work they are doing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After going through a round of toilet paper, Jaklyn Larsen isn’t just discarding the cardboard roll in the trash like a barbarian.

No, Larsen has decided to thank the roll for its service by honoring the bathroom essentials with a proper funeral and burial.

In one clip, a cardboard cylinder with a face drawn on it is removed from its holder and wrapped in toilet paper. The mummified roll is then placed in a cardboard sarcophagus replete with hieroglyphics and and a drawn image of an ancient pharaoh on the outside. The sarcophagus is then laid to rest inside a cardboard pyramid for all eternity.

The “toilet paper funerals” are extremely creative, but have drawn the wrath of one of Larsen’s harshest critics -- her teenage son.

“My 15 y/o son says I’m wasting time & embarrassing him by making videos of toilet paper funerals,” Larsen captioned a tweet. “I say I should keep making them because I think they’re funny. Who’s right?”

Other than her son, the reaction has been resoundly positive.

"Ignore him - we love them!," wrote one fan.

"All 15 year olds are embarrassed by their Mothers. It's just a phase-he'll get over it," added another.

"You are definitely right. People need laughter now more than ever. Please don't stop making them," commented a third.

Luckily, Larsen hasn’t stopped and proceeded to share several other of her TP funerals.

“A look at my life as a Toilet Paper Funeral Director,” she captioned the thread to her other creations and included the hashtag #RIPTP.

Each clip features a different theme such as burial at sea, a proper burial in the dirt and even one paying homage to Gandalf from “Lord of the Rings.”

Larsen acknowledged she started making the clips as a way to keep busy while self-isolating at her home in Oregon.

“Toilet Paper Funeral Director, at your service,” she wrote on Instagram. “This is apparently how I pass my time while social distancing.”

Bravo and thank you!

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