Mom Gives Free Books to Kids to Help Prevent ‘Corona Summer Slide’


A mother in Cleveland wants to help out students this summer.

Chrishawndra Matthews told Good Morning America that she would be giving free books to children to help prevent the "corona summer slide." The single mother came up with the phrase, meaning she does not want students to fall behind in learning over the summer break.

"[Students] were out of school for the [coronavirus] pandemic and then summer," Matthews said. "We're going to have a bigger pandemic in September when these babies go back to school."

The 47-year-old spends her time handing out the free books to children in vulnerable areas in Cleveland. She runs a non-profit organization named Literacy in the H.O.O.D, which stands for helping out our disenfranchised.

She came up with the idea of going through her struggle to get books for her son Derrick. The single mother said she was furious about the disparities she saw between resources for children in the city and the suburbs.

Matthews shared that her son started reading at three and said there were no resources to strengthen his reading in the city.

"I'd find myself driving to the suburbs to find literacy and reading programs that would be adequate for a 3-year-old," Matthews added.

The mother said that she would stop parents on street corners when she sees them with their kids. She will then give them a book and talk to them about the importance of reading.

During the COVID-19 global outbreak that closed schools, she still found ways to bring books to students. When schools offered free lunches for students, she would go to the pick-up locations and distribute the books.

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