More Than $130,000 Raised for Girls Who Needed Taco Bell's Free WiFi to Do Homework


Over $130,000 has been raised for a California family after a photo of two girls using the free WiFi at a Taco Bell to do their schoolwork went viral.

The photo posted to Instagram caused social media users to start a fundraising campaign for the family.

A GoFundMe campaign was started by Jackie Lopez after she was able to find the mother of the two girls. When Lopez met the family, she found out that they were going to be evicted from a rented room on September 1, reported Today.

The GoFundMe fundraiser has surpassed the $20,000 goal and, as of Tuesday, has raised over $130,000. In an update, Lopez said that she found an accountant to help the mother, a migrant worker, to help manage her funds.

“Tomorrow after all of the contracts are signed and the money is available to be set up for withdrawal, I will provide you all with her accountant’s EIN for you to personally verify, and her contact information where you could request statements for transparency on how her funds are being used," Lopez said in the post.

The Salinas City Elementary School District said after the photo went viral, they provided the family with wireless hot spots.

“The digital divide is very real, and delays in receiving needed technology are a statewide concern, we are grateful the state is making technology a priority and look forward to receiving these hotspots in our district,” Amy Ish, president of the district’s board of education said.

"Today" confirmed that the GoFundMe account was verified and the plaform is working to ensure all the money would be going to the family.

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