Most Men Are Ashamed of Their Body Hair, Study Says

Beards may be trendy, but body hair still has guys feeling a type of way.

A new study claims more than half of all men feel “embarrassed” about the number of follicles covering their physiques, reported the New York Post.

The survey polled 2000 men and found that 55% felt distress over their body hair, so much so that one in five believe it has negatively impacted their lives.

Because of those feelings of inadequacy, 25% of the furry fellas said that it caused them to avoid the gym, while another 31% said they evaded going swimming so as not to expose their shirtless fuzz.

This is understandable considering we are living in world where even Aquaman is getting body-shamed!

But if these dudes are unhappy with body hair, why don’t they do something about it, like trim or shave? Well, it gets more complicated because 56% of guys believe men should only shave their face.

And despite it being 2019, 44% of the men said they find it “unmanly” to engage in any sort of grooming routine or a beauty regimen.  Call the Queer Eye team, stat!

“When most men think of having better grooming habits, they often think of going into a salon and waiting for their name to be called for their waxing session. Who wants that?,’” said Matt Dryfhout, CEO and founder of BAKblade, an at-home body shaver targeted to the male demographic.

It also turns out that some of these guys are in the closet about looking good, because over 40% disclosed that they had secretly used some of their partner’s beauty products, such as moisturizer or face wash.

But there is hope that the tides are changing thanks in part to millennials as the average amount men spend on grooming has increased nearly 50% in the last five years.

Dryfhout added: “The biggest hurdle has been showing men options available to them while at the same time letting them know how easy it can be.”