Mother Learns She's Having Twins During Childbirth


One mother was in for a shock when she learned - during childbirth - that she would be having two babies instead of just one.

Lyndsey Altice thought all of her hard work was over after giving birth to her daughter in July 2019. But when a second set of contractions came along, something seemed a little off.

The doctor accompanying them on their birthing journey in a birthing tub suspected that it was just the placenta coming along. However, they quickly realized there was another baby on the way.

Altice's prenatal visits had never indicated that she was carrying twins all along.

"The only words I could muster out were, 'Oh f---,' which really describes every feeling I was having," Altice recalls. "From the pain, to realizing there was another baby coming, to not being able to verbalize any of it to the doctor or my husband."

Seventeen minutes after the first child, Ada, was born, Altice gave birth to her twin sister, Billie. The twins join their older brother, Django.

"I had a midwife who checked position and measured fundal height every appointment, and I always measured correctly for a singleton pregnancy," Altice explained. "We wanted to be surprised on gender. I was hoping for a girl, and my husband's family is all boys so I was really crossing my fingers."

Altice shared her story on social media accompanied by images of her shocked face, coming to terms with the fact that she had just given birth to twins. The images quickly went viral.

Altice explained that she went through two late ultrasound processes and remains unclear on how the second baby went undetected.

"I had two late ultrasounds," Altice explained. "One done by an OB-GYN and the other by a sonographer. The second one was longer and of all four quadrants. I think twin number two was basically in my back."

Dr. Christine Greves, a board certified OB-GYN at Orlando Health Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies, says that not being able to detect a twin pregnancy is very rare.

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