Mother of COVID ICU nurse dies from virus after refusing to get vaccinated

Healthcare worker giving support and love to a patient
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Two daughters are now motherless after a Washington woman died from COVID-19 after refusing the vaccine.

The sisters believe their late mother, Cori Taylor-Wall, was a victim of vaccine misinformation on the internet, reported People.

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Taylor-Wall died at the age of 57, twelve days after catching the Delta variant on September 5.

"We were her life. She loved us so much and would do anything for us — except get a vaccine," daughter Jennie Wall told King5 News.

Taylor-Wall believed she had caught the virus early in the pandemic and had the antibodies to fight the virus, the outlet noted. However, this was never confirmed by doctors.

Jennie, who works as a respiratory therapist in the ICU, said she pleaded with her mom to get the vaccine before she became ill. Her mother refused.

"I would tell her what I went through on a day-to-day basis working in the COVID ICU," she said.  It however “never seemed to be enough” to convince her mother to get the jab.

After falling ill, Taylor-Wall was “no match” against the “aggressive” virus, Jennie added. She was faced with the difficult task of watching her mother die while treating other patients in the same hospital.

"I'm having to talk to the doctor telling me my mom's not going to make it on my Apple Watch while I'm in a patient's room because we just don't have the staff or time to take a break and even answer the call in the hallway," she explained to King5 News.

Jennie’s sister Kellie Wall described their mother as a “supermom” with a big heart, but had grown unhappy with her anti-vaccine stance.

"I had been really angry with her," Kellie said, before having to rush to the hospital to be by her mother's side. "I needed to set that aside and tell her that I loved her. I wanted to be there for her."

"She was so generous and loving," Kellie added. "She just wanted to give, give, give.”

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