Mother’s Bucket List Hack Allows Her to Avoid Saying No to Kids During COVID-19 Social Distancing


Katie Eborall, a mother of two, has found it challenging to say no to her children.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Eborall said she has come up with a plan for not having to say no to her kids when they ask to go outside, reported Good Morning America.

The mother from England created a family bucket list jar with her kids Max, 4, and Evia, 2, as well as her husband, Kevin.

When the toddlers ask to do something fun, like go to a friend's house despite social distancing measures, instead of declining, she tells the kids to write the activity on a piece of paper. Once that is finished, the paper then goes into the bucket list jar. When the stay-at-home orders are lifted in their town, the papers will be opened.

The goal of this project is to eventually finish all of the things they have wanted to do while social distancing.

"Because my kids are so young, they don't really understand what's going on at the moment," Eborall said.

The mother posted about her family's new project on her Facebook page, where it went viral. She has also started a blog to help keep track of all of the activities her family is going to do once social distancing guidelines are lifted. She wants to keep note about the memories that they are going to make.

"The danger is we get back to normal life at the end of this and then you just kind of go back to what life was like before,” she said. “It’d be nice to think we could actually take something positive away from this."

She said the jar was at first full of "things you take for granted" throughout life.

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