Anthony Scaramucci Reveals He Has 'Pea-Sized' Anatomy on 'Mooch and the Mrs.'

If only there was a way to determine if your partner is a cheater before you tie the knot. Anthony Scaramucci and his wife Deidre are discussing the trick you might need to figure it out on their RADIO.COM original podcast, “Mooch and the Mrs.”

In a conversation with author Tim Samuels, the former White House communications director and Samuels dive into what it means if men are constantly comparing the size of their testicles to other men.

Scaramucci immediately dives into the intricacies of his own anatomy. “While you’re talking about my balls, mine are like grapefruits,” he says. However, Samuels then reveals that the larger the testicle, the more promiscuous the person is.

He explains that the Gibbon monkey, alternatively, has small testicles and doesn’t produce as much sperm. Therefore, the monkey is not as sexually active as other apes. In fact, they are able to remain monogamous unlike their ape relatives.

Scaramucci, sitting beside his wife, goes on to clear his name. “I have pea-sized, Gibbon testicles,” he clarifies. “Just so everyone knows that – I want to retract my chimpanzee-sized grapefruits.”

Deidre chimed in by simply saying, "OK, yeah."

Samuels couldn’t help but crack a joke about the change in size. “I can literally see them shrinking before my eyes,” he says. Scaramucci and Samuels were discussing Samuels' new book "Future Man: How to Evolve and Thrive in the Age of Trump, Mansplaining, and #MeToo."

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