Marriage Rates Are Going Down Because of Broke Men: Study

Woman refusing a proposal
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Women looking for suitable male partners are having more problems than just a bunch of swipes left. Turns out, there aren’t enough rich men to go around.

According to a study in the Journal of Family and Marriage, the lowering of marriage rates in the US is due to a lack of “economically attractive” partners.

But it’s not just the men who are rolling in it and the women going after them who suffer. It’s mostly just a lack of people with enough stability to be deemed a good spouse. More and more women are marrying “below” their own status when it comes to money and social place.

Researchers created a series of fake profiles to track what women are looking for in potential husbands. The results showed that the more well-off profiles fared better than the alternatives.

According to Metro, the fake men made 58% more money than actual eligible bachelors, were 30% more likely to be employed, and 19% more likely to have a college degree.

David Lichter, author of a press release around the study, says, "Most American women hope to marry, but current shortages of marriageable men — men with a stable job and a good income — make this increasingly difficult."

And while money shouldn’t matter in a relationship, marriages are realistically very expensive and described in the study as a “fundamentally economic transaction.”

What’s the right call? Keep living your single life, or settle for someone who’s a little less than what you had in mind?

This goes for you, too, fellas!