President Trump Signs Coronavirus Aid Bill


The Senate overwhelmingly passed a multi-billion dollar coronavirus stimulus package that President Donald Trump later signed Wednesday night.

The emergency aid package, dubbed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, will provide paid sick and family leave for people in quarantine, caring for a family member with COVID-19 or have children out of school.

It also offers free testing for the coronavirus and expands unemployment insurance. It also boosts food assistance and federal funding for medicaid.

The vote was 90 to 8.

The House passed the bill on Saturday.

U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said New York will receive about $6 billion in emergency funding to New York, including more than $100 million to Long Island.

“Upon the president’s signature of this bipartisan legislation, $6 billion in emergency dollars will begin to flow to New York --places like Long Island and New York City-- and not soon enough,” said U.S. Senator Charles Schumer. “Because this state is now the national epicenter in the coronavirus fight, this bill will help ensure New York has the tools, the dollars, and the federal resources to go at the virus with full force.”

“This passed in the Senate with bipartisan effort because we recognize the challenges that states, especially New York, are facing in the coronavirus battle,” added Schumer. “These are dollars for New York healthcare, free testing, paid emergency leave, unemployment insurance, meals for homebound seniors, and other critical efforts that are needed to sustain the mission.”

Meanwhile, the administration pushed forward its broad economic rescue plan, which proposes $500 billion in checks to millions of Americans, with the first checks to come April 6 if Congress approves the plan.

Last week, the Senate approved an $8.3 billion measure focusing on vaccine research and development.

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