Taco Bell Hotel Sells Out in 2 Minutes


Fans of tacos and Crunchwrap Supremes all over have been buzzing about the Taco Bell hotel pop-up headed for Palm Springs, California. Unfortunately, many will have to admire from afar, as the hotel was all booked up within two minutes of opening reservations to the public.

The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel & Resort, is set to open its doors for a brief four days between August 8thand August 12th. The hotel features guest suites, lounging areas, an outdoor bar, and all of the Taco Bell snacks and goodies you could hope for – and then some.

According to a press release, they’ve even got a gift shop loaded with Taco Bell swag like swimsuits, tote bags, and sunglasses. A quick glance at the pool will have you itching to lounge in one of the hot sauce packet pool floats.

Reservations, which opened up through the Taco Bell website on Thursday at 1 pm EST, were almost immediately wiped out, leading Twitter users to report that the website had actually crashed form the influx of hopefuls.

The 70+ rooms became unavailable so quickly, that some fans even wondered if the Taco Bell hotel even exists at all or if the whole thing was just a scam.

Even popular YouTube personality Safiya Nygaard was locked out of the reservation process, making her final plea on Twitter for Taco Bell to let her stay in the “janitor closet.”

It seems taco lovers everywhere will have to rely on the ‘gram to get the inside info on the Taco Bell hotel when it opens for business.