Turning 21 in 2020? Natural Light Wants to Give You Free Beer

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Turning the big 2-1 comes with a few changes, including being old enough to purchase and consume alcohol. If you’re turning 21 this year, Natural Light has the perfect gift for you

The beer company is gifting anyone who turns the legal age in 2020 a free case of Natty Light! Not a bad deal for beer lovers!

The promotion, being dubbed “Natty Bday,” appeared on the brand’s Twitter page.

The beer moguls noted that turning 21 is a big deal "and we want to help you celebrate." The tweet continued, "So for all the 21 year olds in 2020, your next Natty is on us,” the account wrote alongside a photo of a cake that’s a dead ringer for a case of Natty Light.

How does one participate in the promotion?

First, the birthday girl or boy needs to purchase a case of Natty Light. Keep the receipt or UPC code because you have to submit it on their website MyBeerRebate.com.

The person celebrating must also show proof of turning 21 this year by submitting proper documentation.

Once everything is good to go, Natty Light will send over a full refund for the cost of the case. It’s the online version of “put it on their tab.”

Sadly, the promotion cannot be redeemed if you turned 21 last year and feel like you’re owed a free case of Natty Light.

Click here for more information about Natty Light’s 21st birthday promotion.

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