New app helps you social distance and avoid crowds


The first app that encourages social distancing has arrived.

On Friday, Tripadvisor announced Crowdfree, a platform to help users social distance while traveling and sight-seeing.

The app comes on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting travel in substantial ways.

The online travel company explained that the platform uses “anonymized and aggregated crowd data” to determine peak crowd hours for businesses and public places like parks, trails, beaches, and even grocery stores.

It will also emphasize times when locations are less-crowded.

“We hope this allows you to make decisions about where and when to visit a particular place,” the app’s “about me” page noted.

The app will allow users to toggle between a building layout and a heat map that indicates how populated and busy are area is at a given time.

Since “past performance does not guarantee future results,” the app warns users to exert caution when visiting a location that’s labeled as low traffic and use it more as an aid to pinpoint the least busy time of the day.

“Data is updated once a day, stored for a month. More recent data is weighted higher than older data,” the app explained.

Tripadvisor said it will not store any personal data.

“We do not collect registration information, and only track your anonymous activity on the site in order to improve it. We only show density data in commercial and public spaces, not in residential areas,” the company wrote.

Per the tweet, Tripadvisor is welcoming user feedback to improve the experience.

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