6 New Menu Items for Fast Food Lovers


Most people have a love/hate relationship with fast food.

Whether your mouth is watering for one of your favorite chain's finest items, or you're cringing at the possibility that a 24-year-old McDonald's burger doesn't necessarily decompose, there's a special place for fast food in all of our lives.

While some chains have seen the effects of 2020 take hold as they eliminate fan-favorite items from their menus, many still are finding ways to have their customers clamoring for the newest items.

Here are some of the best, most mouth-watering new favorites from fast food chains, according to CNN:

Auntie Anne's

With Oktoberfest right around the corner, Auntie Anne's is prepping for the event with an "Oktoberfest At Home Kit." The kit includes do-it-yourself pretzels, Samuel Adams OktoberFest beer, and a series of merchandise for you to sport on the big day.


The jury's still out over whether or not Chick-fil-A is cooking up a new sandwich for customers to try nationwide, but while we wait, they're offering up a new chocolate fudge brownie, mocha cream cold brew, and a new blend of coffee.


If you can't make your way to a local Cinnabon shop, they've got you covered. Being offered at Walmart, Safeway, and Target are frozen Cinnabon breakfast items including cinnamon rolls, CinnaBiscuit chicken sandwiches, and CinnaPastries to name a few.


Travis Scott teamed up with McDonald's this month to offer up a bacon-filled version of a McDonald's classic. Customers can now order the special Quarter Pounder which comes equipped with bacon, lettuce, fries, and a barbecue dipping sauce.