Nurse dies from COVID-19, leaves behind 3-year-old daughter: 'She was our glue'


TeQuilla Parker, a hard-working nurse, recently passed away from COVID-19 and now leaves behind her 3-year-old daughter.

The nurse and mother tried for years to have children but never had any success. In her late 30s, Parker became pregnant and had a daughter, The Advocate reports. Things were going well for the young woman. She recently got engaged and was planning a wedding with her partner.

“She was at a high point in her life,” LaShondria Parker, her older sister, said. “All the things she hoped and worked for were finally becoming real.”

When Parker tested positive for COVID-19 and became ill, she maintained a positive attitude. Debra Honore, her mother, said she received a note from her daughter before she was placed on a ventilator.

“She wrote on there she was coming out alive,” her mother said. “So that’s what gave me hope.”

In early October, just before her 40th birthday, Parker died from COVID-19 after spending two months at Baton Rogue General in Louisiana.

“I just couldn’t believe she was not going to make it,” Honore said. “She didn’t think the Lord would allow her to have a child and then leave the child.”

Parker was a nurse who lived in Baton Rouge and worked at Villa Feliciana Medical Complex. Her mother said she was known for her beautiful smile.
“She was our glue,” Parker’s mother added.

The 39-year-old learned that she was sick when her fiancé received a letter that he had been exposed to COVID-19 at his workplace. He tested negative, and she did not.

However, at first, she had no symptoms. Days later, she developed a fever, and shortly after that, she fainted in her kitchen and was taken to the hospital.
When at the hospital, doctors allegedly told the family that they shouldn’t be afraid because she was young.

Her condition worsened, and a few weeks later, she died.

Now motherless, Kaiden Boyd “knows something is missing,” her aunt said. She clings to her grandmother more than before.

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