Nurse helps fill nursery of newborn whose 22-year-old mother died of COVID: ‘I felt so called to help’

Nursery newborn
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Last month, a 22-year-old new mom died due to complications from COVID-19.

However, the tragedy continued as she left behind her newborn daughter, whom she didn't get the chance to meet.

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Emily Robison, from Fort Smith, Arkansas, was just about seven months pregnant when she tested positive and was hospitalized for the deadly virus, according to Good Morning America. Her husband, Eric Robison, shared that she was placed on a ventilator before doctors had to perform an emergency C-section just around two months before the baby was born.

On August 25th, their daughter Carmen arrived. Less than 30 days after giving birth, Emily, who was not vaccinated, passed away.

"She was on life support until she passed away and didn't know she gave birth," Eric said. "Every time I came home she'd be talking to Carmen [during pregnancy]. It was like they were best friends already."

After the death of his wife, Eric took on the challenging role of a single father. However, Ashlee Schwarz, an intensive care unit nurse at Mercy Hospital, where Emily was treated, felt compelled to step in and help out the young family.

"I knew she was maxed out on ventilator settings and was beyond sick," Schwarz said. "One day I saw Eric down the hall, sitting in a chair and staring at a glass door [to his wife's room] and it just broke my heart."

Schwarz looked online for a baby registry for the family so she could give a gift. Unfortunately, there was no baby registry, so she went into action and started a "pay it forward" registry so the newborn could have diapers, clothes, bottles and a crib.

"I told Eric, 'I will try my best to get you everything that you need,' and it just took off from there," she said. "I felt so called to help."

Schwarz then created a GoFundMe account and has vowed to continue to help Eric and Carmen, who she now considers to be like a brother and niece.

"I have told him, 'I am here for life. I will always make sure that you and Carmen always have what you need,'" Schwartz told the outlet. "We as a community will always make sure they have what they need."

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