College Students Hold Candlelight Vigil After Local Taco Bell Closes


Penn State University students took to the streets to pay final respects after the passing of one of their most beloved institutions: Taco Bell.

After the fast-food chain abruptly closed its doors on February 26th, students at the college united to honor the demise of one of their favorite late-night dining options.

In a clip that has since gone viral, hundreds of Penn State students gathered holding candles and placing flowers at the shuttered location’s entrance while singing Sarah McLachlan’s 1997 hit “Angel.”

The Barstool Sports Twitter account posted the hilarious video and included the caption, “Some things are bigger than sports.”

The ironic gathering was peaceful and even had a few heartfelt and rather humorous speeches.

“Taco Bell is not gone, it is not forgotten, but it lives here, in our sauce packets,” one student told the school’s Daily Collegian newspaper.

The vigil was originally organized by Prajesh Patel, a junior at the school, by creating a Facebook invite that was meant to be a joke. But after it quickly caught on, he realized it was an opportunity to create community experience for his classmates.

“We were all shooketh after hearing about the closing of this beautiful, beautiful State College establishment,” he told the crowd at the vigil. “Taco Bell was our home away from home, and added spice to our life."

While it’s unclear why the location closed, a former employee told the student paper it had to do with “legal issues.”

In an attempt to ease their suffering, Taco Bell is now offering all Penn State students free delivery on any order placed through the GrubHub app. The promotion is good from now until Sunday.

Nothing soothes the soul quite like a Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito.

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