People Are Putting Up Christmas Lights to Spread Cheer During Coronavirus Pandemic


What the world needs amid the coronavirus outbreak is a little cheer.

And what better way to spread cheer than by turning on the Christmas lights you probably haven’t taken down yet anyway?

It may be the first day of Spring, but outside, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

With schools and companies closing, restaurants shutting their doors, and events cancelled, people are stuck indoors practicing “social distancing” and being flooded with fears and anxieties.

That’s why some users on social media began encouraging neighborhoods to look on the bright side by turning on their holiday lights and sharing them with the world.

The trend quickly caught on as mid-March Christmas decorations began lighting up social media timelines.

“We need some color and light,” one user wrote adding, “We all need some happiness right now.”

Another user suggested a fun pastime to help folks stay sane: “Then we could drive around in our cars and look at em. Seems like a fair social distancing activity to us!!!”

A third user said the Christmas lights served as a reminder that “there is still life & light” while everyone stays at home.

For others, the lights represent hopefulness in a particularly dark time, as noted by another Twitter user who said that the request to turn her lights on came from her elderly neighbors.

If you’re stuck at home for the foreseeable future, you might as well make it pretty and hopeful during this bleak time.

And if you want even more Christmas cheer, Hallmark is airing a holiday movie marathon with your favorites from their beloved “Countdown to Christmas” lineup.

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