People Love Dogs More Than Humans: Study


If you’d choose a night in with your pup over a night out with your friends any day, you probably aren’t alone. Turns out, there are lots of people who like dogs more than they like their fellow human beings.

A study by researchers at Northeastern University and the University of Colorado aimed to solve the question of why people seemed more enraged by headlines of animals in danger than they did when they saw humans were the ones at risk.

When 256 students were asked to react to fake news reports, the study showed that more people felt empathy towards puppies than human children.

Additionally, when UK charity Harrison’s Fund conducted two test advertisements – one containing a photo of a dog and one of a human boy - participants were much more willing to interact with the pooch than the child.

And if you needed even more proof that dogs rule the world, research by psychologist Dr. Chris Blazina found that men often feel more secure in their relationships with their pups than they do with their significant others.

When men were asked to compare their relationship with their furry friends to that of the people closest to them, many admitted that their dog/owner relationship was much more stable than their day-to-day human interactions.