Thousands Sign Petition Wanting Disneyland to Delay Reopening Amid Coronavirus

Over 27,000 people do not want Disneyland to reopen on July 17th.

These individuals are voicing their opinion by signing a petition asking the Anaheim, California theme park to stay closed until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

“Many people have lost loved ones due to this pandemic and by reopening the parks they are endangering cast members and guests to be exposed to Covid-19,” the petition read. “There are more cases now than when the parks closed on March 13th, 2020. Health Officials have stated that the 2nd wave of Covid-19 will be worse. So reopening before the 2nd wave even hits us is irresponsible and greedy.”

Earlier this week, it was announced Disneyland and Disney California Adventure park would reopen on July 17th. Additionally, Downtown Disney District is set to open on July 9.

“I understand everyone is rejoicing for the reopening of the parks but not during a pandemic where people are DYING, now is not the time,” the petition continued. “The solution would be to reschedule Disneyland to reopen the parks at a later date when cases of Covid-19 drop and Health Officials state it is safer for everyone but to still practice social distancing.”

As of Saturday, the petition has received 27,622 signatures, nearing its goal of 35,000.

When contacted by the LA Times for a comment, a Disney spokesperson directed the outlet to a previous blog post by Disney Parks Chief Medical Officer Pam Hymel.

The post listed safety protocols the parks plan to enforce upon reopening.

“We have already implemented a number of enhanced health and safety measures, such as increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in work areas, adjusting practices to promote physical distancing, and providing cast with access to necessary PPE, including face coverings,” Hymel wrote in the post. “We continue to learn from these experiences and will carry these lessons into reopening and beyond.”

In a June 10th press release announcing the theme park’s reopening, Disney said, “additional information on enhanced health and safety measures and operational changes for reopening locations will be shared soon. “

Recently, there has been a spike in coronavirus cases in Southern California. On Friday, public health officials announced 1633 new cases in Los Angeles, which was the third-highest one day total since the outbreak began, reported Deadline.

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