Pickle-Filled Oreos Are Now a Thing


A candy shop has put customers’ sweet tooth in a real pickle.

Christopher Beers is the owner of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, a small bakery chain in Ohio and Pennsylvania, who took it upon himself to transform beloved Oreos cookies into a briny treat by slapping a pickle betwixt the classic snack’s chocolate wafers.

Since Nabisco doesn’t officially make the Dill Pickle Oreo, Beers gently twists the cookie apart and places a thinly sliced dill pickle on top of the crème filling. He then puts the cookie back together before dipping the whole concoction in chocolate. Dunk it in milk at your own risk!

"Everyone loves Oreos,” Beers told “Today.” “Oreo is always on their game with [making] different flavors for the season and I thought I'd beat them to the punch and create a pickle Oreo.”

This isn’t his first time using gherkins to create unusual pairings. His shops also feature items like  pickle soda, pickle lollipops and pickle cotton candy.

"I don't have any personal connection to the pickle," Beers added. "I just love to be the guy that's out-brainstorming others and getting the ideas."

While he started selling the Dill Pickle Oreo in July, the reaction so far has been interesting to say the least.

One fan of the shop commented: “I mean I love you guys don't get me wrong but wtf.”

While another saw it more as a gag by writing: “It would be a funny prank.”

And a third was upset they were even made by adding: “What sociopath made this trap??”

But not everyone was a hater as one lover of sweet and savory treats said: “omg I wanna taste it.”

Brave fans not near one of the nine Grandpa Joe’s shops can taste for themselves by ordering a pack of 3 of the pickle Oreos for $9 on the chain’s website.