RADIO.COM's Pineapple Street Studios Launches COVID-19 Podcast 'Doctor's Log'

Esther Choo
Photo credit OHSU News

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, one doctor wants to give listeners an inside look at what goes down on the frontlines.

RADIO.COM's Pineapple Street Studios, in partnership with The Meteor, launch "Doctor's Log: A COVID-19 Journal." The podcast is hosted by Dr. Esther Choo, a leading ER physician on the frontlines of the pandemic.

Dr. Choo, who is also a professor at Oregon Health and Sciences University in Portland, Oregon, has emerged as a leading advocate for healthcare providers and hospital workers hoping to combat the coronavirus and keep community members safe. She even launched the #GetMePPE hashtag in an effort to bring supplies to the first responders that need them.

Doctor's Log

Dr. Choo will offer an unvarnished look at what happens in emergency rooms around the country as the international health crisis continues. She'll dive into the need for supplies and equipment as well as heroic stories from others at the helm of the virus spread. Dr. Choo will also offer safety tips and important information we should all know.

"There is a gap between what we're experiencing and worrying about on the healthcare delivery side and what the general public sees. My experience is just one piece of the global healthcare response to the pandemic," Dr. Choo says.

"But hopefully with this podcast, I can represent the voices of my colleagues, honor their work, and share their struggles as the entire country grapples with an unprecedented threat," she continues.

The podcast launches April 1. New episodes will be released twice weekly.

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