Officials 'Optimistic' About an Approved Second Stimulus Check

While House and Senate Democrats and Republicans work to agree on a second stimulus plan for Americans, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she feels "optimistic" that the two parties will come to an agreement.

On Monday, Sept. 14, the House of Representatives is scheduled to reconvene from a summer recess.

Speaking with CNN about the bill, Pelosi advocated for the possibility of a new deal before November 3. "I'm completely optimistic," Pelosi told CNN. "As is Chuck Schumer."

And while Democrats and Republicans continue through their apparent standstill to battle it out for a better bill, Pelosi notes that she knows the two parties must come to an agreement.

"I do think that we should have an agreement," she said. "That's what we all want... The fact is is that this is about our country and our future," she added.

Meanwhile, President Trump has voiced his concerns over the Democrats' ideas on Twitter, writing, "Pelosi and Schumer want Trillions of Dollars in BAILOUT money for Blue States that are doing badly, both economically and in terms of high crime."

Pelosi fired back at the tweet in her CNN interview, calling it an "abomination."

Talks hammering out the details on another COVID-19 relief package have long been stalled between Senate Majority Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House.

House Democrats had previously come down to $2.2 trillion, from their original $3.4 trillion proposal in May.

While the new offer brought Democrats and Republicans closer than ever — with a $900 billion gap between proposals — the prospect of another major stimulus package including direct payments to Americans is still uncertain.

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