Planters is hiring 'NUTmobile' drivers to travel around the country for a year

The company is looking for 9 "Peanutters"
Mr. Peanut & Frank Thomas
Mr. Peanut & Frank Thomas Photo credit Timothy Hiatt / Stringer
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Dust off those resumes!

If you've ever dreamt of driving the 12 foot-tall, 13,000 pound Planters NUTmobile around the country, now is your chance.

Planters is hiring nine new "peanutters" to act as brand representatives.

Per the company tweet, every year they "hire a crew of recent graduates to drive aroun the country meeting friends & fans."

And yes, you heard that right – the role on the "Nutty Team" requires you to travel around the country for a year.

Planters refers to the NUTmobile as a "PR firm on wheels." As part of the job, you'll be expected to create peanut-centric content for social media as you make various stops around the U.S.

The role also requires you to represent "Planters as a brand specialist and spokesperson through radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, retail and charity functions."

Those who wish to apply should have a Bachelor's degree in business, PR, journalism, media management, or communications.

You'll also need a valid driver's license and have the personality for the job, which includes being "outgoing, creative, friendly, exuberant, and ‘always-on’" with an "appetite for adventure."

The company is accepting job applications until Friday, February 19. If you want to walk in the shoes of an American icon like Mr. Peanut, don't wait – apply here.

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