Popeyes Launches Line of Apparel Amid Chicken Sandwich Wars


After weeks of perfecting their stance in the fried chicken wars, Popeyes is now entering the fashion game by selling their own apparel.

Popeyes, the chain responsible for pitting other fried chicken fast food joints against each other, is now carving out a niche of their own by adding a selection of their uniforms to their website for purchase.

The limited-edition collection features 10 different items, including baseball caps, visors, button-down shirts, and hooded jackets. The prices of the items range from $10 to $40 and feature the chain’s favorite colors, maroon and orange.

The brand is expecting their supply of clothing to sell out relatively quickly, if the debut of their spicy chicken sandwich was any indication. All of the merchandise is available on thatlookfrompopeyes.com.

Popeyes has been making headlines recently for their rivalry with Chick-fil-A over who has the best chicken sandwich. A series of tweets and Internet roasts later, there’s still no clear winner in the battle of the chicken sandwich.

Just this week, however, McDonald’s joined the chicken wars with a few menu items of their own. This time, the chain is targeting breakfast goodies by adding two chicken sandwiches to their breakfast menu – the McChicken Biscuit and the Chicken McGriddle.

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