Viral 'Postman Cat' delivers messages between neighbors under COVID lockdown


A cat in the United Kingdom is the latest cat sensation going viral for his incredible talents of keeping two neighbors connected while in lockdown.

Billy the Cat, also known as “The Postman Cat” started his new career after he returned home with a note attached to his collar letting his owners know that Billy had given the neighbors a visit, according to AV Club.

Billy’s owners, Zack King and his girlfriend, Olga Shipunova, replied to their neighbors note and have started an unlikely friendship posted to a now-viral Twitter thread.

Once King and Shipunova sent their cat back over with a note attached, Billy’s new line of work as a "Postman Cat" was official.

As the neighbors continued to share more notes back and forth, King and Shipunova thought of ways to increase the efficiency of Billy’s job operations.

The U.K. recently went back on a semi-lockdown after cases of a new strain of coronavirus continues to spread throughout England and Scotland, according to CNN.

“The Postman Cat” has helped these neighbors brainstorm the perfect lockdown activities, including home cooked recipes and Netflix show recommendations.

One neighbor shared their newest recipe that involved mixing wasabi paste with potato mash that the message called “delicious.”

The neighbor then shared a new hummus recipe that suggests using a dash of truffle oil for some added flavor.

Billy the cat also helped the new friends share Netflix recommendations including Jon Favreau’s movie “The Chef.”

The adorable cat has given no update on whether he plans to expand his business down the block.

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