Pregnant Woman Fatally Shoots Armed Intruder With AR-15

Pregnant Woman Fatally Shoots Armed Intruder With AR-15
Photo credit (Getty Images)

A pregnant woman in Florida had to think fast when she came across this scary situation.

Officials said the woman was armed with a semi-automatic rifle, gunned down one of two people who had broken into her home.

NBC News reported that the deadly incident happened on Wednesday, around 9 p.m. on Old Welcome Road in Lithia Florida, about 25 miles southeast of downtown Tampa.

During a press conference the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said after the woman fired the family’s AR-15-style rifle, both men fled where a wounded robber collapsed and died in a drainage ditch.

On Monday, deputies were still looking for the other robber. The robber who died was described as a man in his late 20s, but was not immediately identified.

"Two unknown males broke in and made demands of them. The male victim, who is the homeowner, began to get pistol-whipped and beat up," Hillsborough County Sheriff's Maj. Frank Losat told reporters on the scene.

"During that incident, the female homeowner retrieved a firearm, which was in the house legally, and fired one round which struck the male victim that was deceased in the ditch,” Losat said.

Jeremy King, the homeowner said if it was not for his wife, he would have been dead.

Officials said this was not a random act and the family was probably targeted.