President Trump addresses masks and getting COVID: 'I can't be in a basement'


During Thursday night's Town Hall featuring President Donald Trump, the president addressed mask-wearing and his stance on whether or not they're necessary in mitigating the coronavirus spread considering his own positive test earlier this month.

"I was ok with the masks, I was good on it, but I've heard many different stories," he began, going on to say that many who have worn masks diligently have contracted the coronavirus.

Savannah Guthrie then went on to ask President Trump directly about a White House event which featured many participants in close quarters without masks.

"Everybody's tested, and they're tested often...I can't be in a basement, I can't be in a room," President Trump argued, saying as President, he has to meet with people all the time.

"As President, I can't be locked in a room someplace for the next year and just say and do nothing," he continued.

Meanwhile, while we wait for a coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Americans would most likely need to wear face masks after a vaccine becomes available. The expert also explained how Americans will need to still practice social distancing, according to the Associated Press.

"I'm good with masks, I'm okay with masks, I tell everyone to wear masks," President Trump said during his Town Hall on NBC.

Ultimately, President Trump took a steadfast stance. "I say wear the mask, I'm fine with it," he said.

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