Pro-Trump father-son duo, voters get into verbal spat at polling site


NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — A father-son duo supporting President Donald Trump got into a verbal dispute with voters at a Brooklyn polling site on Tuesday, according to reports.

According to the New York Post, the pair showed up to MS 88 around 10 a.m. Tuesday in Park Slope, where locals were already lined up to cast their vote.

The pair’s vehicle was decked out in Trump gear and residents posted on Twitter saying the two were threatening violence.

In a video posted to Twitter by Whitney Hu, a candidate for City Council, one of the men can be heard saying he would put a voter “in the hospital.”

Police were called to the scene and determined that the father-son duo were not within 100 feet of the polling site. In New York, electioneering is illegal within 100 feet of a voting location.

In a tweet, the NYPD said the father-son duo were not interfering with voting.

“A vehicle supporting one candidate was reported to be within 100 feet of the location. Upon investigation, the vehicle was an appropriate distance away. There was no interference with voting,” the NYPD said.

Hu posted about the incident, accusing the older of the two of crossing the 100-feet threshold and trying to intimidate people.

“NYPD drove by which is ironic considering they shut down volunteers for passing out coffee in Red Hook but don’t think this is electioneering,” she wrote on Twitter.

The father told the New York Post that voters in line were the ones who started the dispute by making obscene gestures at his vehicle as they drove by.

“I came here with my son. We were driving by — stopped here to take him to go vote, to exercise his constitutional right to cast a vote for his president,” the father told the paper. “A whole crowd started forming. They were giving us the middle finger. They were cursing at us.”

The NYPD says the father and another voter were seen arguing with one another, but the verbal dispute was settled.

"After arriving, officers discovered a Trump supporter and another voter were harassing each other outside the polling site. Officers on scene spent nearly an hour resolving this issue. Both parties were offered the opportunity to file a police report, which both declined," the NYPD said.

NYC Votes recommended voters at the polling site report the incident to the New York Attorney General’s office.

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