Researchers Say This Restaurant Is the ‘Safest Place’ to Eat Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic


Panda Express, the popular restaurant chain, has been chosen by a recent survey as the safest in the food industry in the United States.

NextShark reported that global research firm Ipsos found that the American Chinese restaurant is the safest place for dining outside during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the survey, researchers studied safety and health measures that currently take place at the restaurant right now in response to the deadly virus. Ipsos used data from thousands of in-store visits that changed their restaurant rules to protect its customers.

Survey participants say employees wore protective gear and enforced social distancing measures by having specific health and safety regulations posted for visibility.

Additionally, the stores opted for one-way entrances and exits in most locations. Many locations also featured plexiglass barriers. Employees were found to be wearing proper protective equipment 97% of the time.

Throughout the world, many restaurants have drastically changed its protocols due to coronavirus, especially McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has seen its fair share of changes due to the global outbreak.

In June, it was reported that the famous fast-food chain is planning to keep yogurt parfaits, bagels and salads off its menu after the COVID-19 pandemic led to the company to remove items off its list.

In May, McDonald’s outlined a 59-page reopening guide for restaurant owners, which featured a slew of protocols they should follow in light of the coronavirus pandemic as their locations prepare to reopen.

The guide also includes a "three-page question-and-answer section" which will guide managers on how to keep customers safe at restaurants.

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