Retired Couple Recreates Vacation in Living Room Despite Coronavirus-Canceled Cruise


People are turning to living room staycations as they face cancelations in their vacation plans amid coronavirus concerns.

Norma and Dave, parents of Jane Trill, had 53rd wedding anniversary plans on board a cruise around the Pacific Islands. Now that the cruise has been canceled, the couple is taking matters into their own hands.

Trill jumped in to help the couple recreate their lost vacation in the comfort of their own living room. Trill, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, took to social media with the makeshift cruise she created for her parents.

The footage shows Norma and Dave with their feet up in bathrobes and lounge chairs overlooking a TV screen portraying a beautiful blue ocean. The two clinked wine glasses.

"Cruise cancelled? No problem," Trill captioned the post.

"They canceled their trip due to the coronavirus and we thought we would cheer them up by simulating the trip using a YouTube video of the ocean and they dressed in their usual cruising attire," Trill told Storyful. "We laughed for ages over it and it really lifted our spirits. [We were] rolling on the floor laughing."

The post quickly gained traction on social media.

Tweeters came to the post adding their own two cents about the staycation the couple created for themselves.

"Doomsday prepping in style," one user wrote. "Outstanding."

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