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You've got everything ready for your upcoming vacation: your passport, a power adapter, and good walking shoes — but do you know how to ask where the bathroom is once you get there? While you may be able to get by with a few common phrases in a new country, not being able to understand and speak the common language there can really take away from your "relaxing" vacation.

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When it comes to learning a new language, Babbel is the obvious way to go. Deemed the world's #1 selling language learning app, Babbel helps millions of people all over the world master new languages. Whether it be Spanish, French, German, or Italian, Babbel offers learners fun, interactive lessons developed by 100 expert linguists, helping them to speak new languages fluently at record speeds.

No matter which of the 14 available languages you decide to study, Babbel's unique learning system helps both beginning and advanced users speak confidently in as little as one month's time. In fact, 73% of its students claim to be able to hold short, simple conversations in their new language after a mere five hours of learning! And the best part? You can do this all right from your phone, no classroom required.

The key to Babbel's successful learning system is the fact that it can easily be implemented in your daily schedule, with lessons that are never longer than 10 to 15 minutes. And instead of learning a long list of vocabulary you may or may not find useful, Babbel's lessons cover a wide range of topics, including travel, shopping, food, and more. It even uses innovative speech recognition technology to ensure your pronunciation is top-notch. And since the program can be synchronized across all your devices, you can take lessons on the go or while laying in bed at home — whatever works for you.

With high online ratings and a collective 700,000+ reviews on popular app stores, like Apple Play Store and Google Play Store, Babbel has become a go-to for language learners all over the globe, featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more.

Find out why more than 10 million people trust Babbel with their language learning needs and snag a lifetime subscription for just $199, the best price you'll find on the web, through September 15.

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