Gross School Experiment Shows Students the Effects of Not Washing Their Hands

Washing Hands
Photo credit (Getty Images)

A school has used moldy bread to show its students how important it is to wash your hands.

The month-long classroom experiment was carried out by two teachers at Discovery Elementary School in Idaho Falls, Idaho just as the height of flu season was set to begin, reported “Today.”

Jaralee Metcalf and Dayna Robertson took five pieces of white bread from the same loaf and had the 17 students in their special education class handled each bread in a specific manner.

One was touched with dirty hands, one with hands washed with soap and water, one with hands that only used hand sanitizer, one slice was used to wipe down their Chromebooks, and the last was kept completely untouched by bare hands.

Each piece of bread was placed in its own tightly sealed plastic bag, labeled and then left alone for four weeks.

At the end of the month, the results proved to be downright disgusting.

The one used on the Chromebooks was almost completely black, while the piece touched by dirty hands was moldy and disintegrating. Even the one touched by hand sanitizer showed serious signs of decay.

The only two that didn’t have any mold were the one that was completely untouched and the one that was touched with hands that had been washed with soap and water.

The teachers’ posted the nasty results on Facebook, where its since gone viral with over 63,000 shares.

"As somebody who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. Wash your hands!" Metcalf captioned the series of images. "Remind your kids to wash their hands! And hand sanitizer is not an alternative to washing hands!! At all! This is so DISGUSTING!!!"

Since the experiment, the teachers say they’ve seen a vast improvement on their students’ behavior and no longer need to nag them to wash their hands.

"They have really turned their hand-washing around,” Robertson said. “They realized that sanitizer doesn't cut it, and they've got to do soap and water."

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