School Principal Faces Backlash After Taking Pizzas From Student Party


It’s the Grinch who stole the pizzas!

An Iowa principal has apologized after removing pizzas that had already been delivered for a student holiday party organized by one of the teachers, reported “Today.”

Students at Brody Middle School in Des Moines, Iowa, were excited for the year-end party that was promised in celebration of their good behavior.

But once the pizzas arrived, the school’s principal Thomas Hoffman abruptly canceled the gathering citing a fairness issue and confiscated all of the hot cheesy pies that had been paid for by the teacher.

The backlash ensued immediately, not only by the students but also the parents.

Neil Erikson, a father of one of the children at the school, was so enraged that he shared the story on Facebook.

“My son attends Brody Middle School here in Des Moines. His class earned a pizza party that I believe the teacher paid for," Erickson wrote. “The pizzas were delivered to the class… the teacher paid and signed the receipt. Principal walks into the classroom and says, 'I never approve pizza parties,' or something to that effect."

After noting that the teacher was “left in tears,” Erickson revealed that the seized pizzas were not given to anyone and instead were “ boxed back up to rot so the teacher can take them home at the end of the day.”

The post went viral with so many angry responses aimed at the principal that by the end of the day he issued an apology.

“As principal, one of my top priorities is fairness and equal opportunity for our students at Brody Middle School,” Hoffman told parents, according to the Des Moines Register.

“I do want to apologize for being overly strict in applying that standard today when it came to one of our classrooms. Most of all, I want to apologize for disappointing any of our students and punishing them."

To further rectify the situation, Hoffman held a pizza party the following day for the disappointed students who had been promised the reward as a precursor to the start of the holidays.

“I just regret that it became an ugly, big, huge thing,” added Hoffman.

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