See the Brilliant Way This Dad Stopped His Toddlers' Temper Tantrums

There’s nothing like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum to bring your vacation to a screeching halt (literally). This vacationing father had a brilliant idea when it came to stopping his girls’ anguish in its tracks.

The dad of two noticed both of his toddler-aged girls were upset at the temporary absence of their mother, which led to meltdowns for both parties.

In a video given to the New York Post, the father can be seen trying to soothe the little ladies with a game that would stop the crying. After a series of attempts to soothe the toddlers, he gives his game a shot.

The brilliant dad told the girls that they could cry, but only if they took turns. And it was his turn first. “I’m gonna cry, then you cry, then you can cry,” he said, pointing to each girl.

The dad let out a series of sobs, saying he missed mommy just as much as his daughters did. He then went to the youngest daughter and said, “okay, Georgia, now it’s your turn!” Georgia, apparently, was finished with her sobs already.

However, the older girl, who the father calls Genevieve, still had more to get out of her system. A few turns later, the girl decided that she was done crying AND done with dad’s clever game.

“So you don’t wanna cry anymore?,” the dad asks the girl. She adamantly shakes her head “no.”