Some are failing, others flying — see how your state is doing in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine

By , KNX 1070

Not unlike the rollout of COVID-19 testing, vaccine distribution in the U.S. has been a dismal failure. The virus continues to deluge states, closing ICUs and forcing patients entering emergency rooms to wait for hours before being treated.

A month into the release of a much-needed vaccine, some states are excelling, and others appear to be completely lost.

According to CBS News, less than a third of all doses that have been distributed across the country, only 10.3 million out of nearly 30 million, have been given to people.

Virginia and California have fared badly, but Georgia is the worst – administering less than 20% of the vaccines delivered to the state. California, which has administered just 26% of the vaccines on hand, but recently opened mass vaccination sites, one in Disneyland in Anaheim.

On the positive side, West Virginia has distributed nearly 70% of all of the vaccine doses it received from the federal government, and South Dakota has delivered 60%.

Here’s a list of how every state is doing, based on reporting from the CDC as of January 13.

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