'SheRatesDogs' Podcast Chronicles the Ups and Downs of the Millennial Dating Experience

SheRatesDogs Podcast banner

If you're looking for a podcast that outlines the true and funny stories of the millennial dating world, you're in luck. RADIO.COM's Cadence13 announced the launch of SheRatesDogs.

Michaela Okland, the mastermind behind the popular @SheRatesDogs Instagram account, is hosting this new podcast along with Mat George. They'll dive into the trying world of dating through a smartphone.

The @SheRatesDogs Instagram account quickly went viral after its conception in 2018, allowing women to share their funny and cringeworthy experiences in the modern dating world.

The podcast will feature some of the best stories, sharing listeners' worst and most laughable stories for all to hear. They'll even include some of the worst dating bios out there.

They'll offer dating and life advice by pulling from the day's trending topics and their own anecdotes. They'll even dive into how to spot red flags and deal with the negative effects of social media.

"I've wanted to turn the SheRatesDogs page into a podcast for a while now!" Okland shares. "I think collecting hundreds of thousands of these really honest stories about dating would put anybody in an interesting headspace."

"You really start to identify patterns and underlying issues that I've been wanting to discuss. Doing this podcast with Cadence13 gives us an exciting opportunity to really take the SRD concept deeper and bring our own personalities into it," she continues.

SheRatesDogs will launch on August 18. Listen for more on the RADIO.COM app.

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