13-year-old finds success with bakery started during pandemic

Young woman pouring batter
Young woman pouring batter Photo credit Getty Images

Like many North Texans last year during the pandemic, Olivia Hogan of Allen decided to undertake a new venture and start her own business.

The 12-year-old founded her own baking company, Olivia's Originals, smack dab in the middle of COVID-19.

Hogan bakes all of her goods herself including cookies and brownie bars.

She makes them from scratch and then delivers them by bike within 24 hours to make sure they are at their freshest for her customers.

She told NBC DFW, "I have a backpack that I load all of the stuff into, sometimes I have to make a couple of trips. And I just go around three different neighborhoods and drop off at doorsteps."

Olivia's began baking as a young girl with her mother and grandmother. She was "running" her first business at the age of seven alongside two friends.

The idea to start Olivia's Originals came to her after reading a financial book last year during the pandemic.

"It kind of made me think about the financial state I want to be in when I’m an adult and I wanted to work towards that," she told the outlet.

Hogan limits her baking to one weekend a month to make sure she has plenty of time for her schoolwork and hanging out with her friends. However, baking brings her some of the greatest joys in life.

"Seeing the smiles and the great reviews. It’s a real confidence booster. It’s a lot to know that what I’m doing isn't really making a huge change in the world but it’s making a change in my life. And the everyday lives of other people," she explained.

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