Unite Your Office With These Team Building Activities

Office Unity
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By , Small Business Pulse

Company leaders want to create an environment where their staff is working together as a cohesive unit. Small businesses can thrive when their employers create a collaboration of activities that establish stronger employee bonds and improve group cohesion. Creating an office environment where employees are efficiently working as a team may require certain key moves in order to foster such a satisfying situation. The following are five proven strategies to make that happen.

Sharing accomplishments
When certain members of your team are standouts, such as meeting lofty goals or completing extracurricular training, why not give these high achievers a group shout out? In other words, take a break from job duties to gather together and share in the experience, even if that simply means indulging in an extra coffee break toward the end of the workday.

Group dinner or happy hour
Congregate even when the workday is done. Hosting your staff at a dinner or happy hour in a relaxing environment is an effective way to bring your team closer. Employees will welcome an atmosphere where they can be comfortable socializing with co-workers in which the conversation doesn’t have to be about work. Your employees can get to know each other on a personal level over a great meal, either in a restaurant, bar or at someone’s house.

Get out of the office
Make it a requirement to get out of the office once or twice a year so that your employees can attend a relatable industry event or training session in which your whole crew takes part. Not only will this time away from the regular routine inspire new ideas and hopefully result in higher profits, but the camaraderie among your workers should also flourish.

Make it a point to encourage your team to volunteer as a group for a worthy cause. For instance, you could all take part in an arranged event, such as serving the homeless at the local soup kitchen. Holding your own event is another option, like setting up a Saturday car wash where the proceeds are donated to a local shelter.

Friendly competition
Another way to build your team’s spirit is to get everyone involved in a singular physical activity in which sportsmanship is the common goal. Hold an office softball game or get the group to get their bowling game on. Place a foosball or ping pong table in a common area. Whatever physical activity you choose, remind your crew that it’s not who wins that counts, but rather the amount of fun that can be had with your office mates while playing a game.