Socially Distant Wedding Ends With Groom Losing His Ring


Marriage has a nice ring to it.

But when a groom loses his wedding ring, things get a little hairy.

A bride and groom hosted a safe pandemic wedding while everyone practiced social distancing. However, the groom lost an essential item - his wedding ring.

TMZ reported that the man was one of their photographers that works in New York City. Jeremy and his fiancée Laura got married this past weekend in Milburn, New Jersey. The special occasion was a small one with 20 guests outside in a park.

While everyone social distanced, the bride and groom stood six feet apart with face masks.

In the video TMZ posted, the groom was about to read to his vows. Instead, he crumpled up the paper and tossed it over his head.

Funny? Well, the wedding band also got thrown. The groom said it was by accident.

The wedding then turned from a happy ceremony into a search party. Guests at the wedding and other people in the park had to crawl around in the grass to look for Jeremy’s wedding band.

Even though many frantically searched for the ring, no one found it.

The rabbi told everyone he performed more than 800 weddings, and this has never happened before. However, the marriage did go on.

Laura said her vows and the rabbi pronounced them married.

Before the coronavirus pandemic happened, the couple was supposed to have a wedding with 250 guests at a wedding hall.

Laura has her wedding ring on her hand, but Jeremy has to shop for a new one.

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