Coronavirus Is Airborne, Scientists Say


As the impact of coronavirus drags into summer, experts are still learning new details about the deadly virus.

The coronavirus impacts people in restaurants, bars, stores, and casinos, as the country sees spikes in COVID-19 cases.

Some scientists now say their findings show that the coronavirus is airborne. This means particles can linger in the air and indoor spaces while infecting others when these particles are inhaled.

A new report in The New York Times says a group of 239 scientists from 32 countries will publish a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) in a scientific journal. The scientists want WHO to change details about how to avoid getting COVID-19.

Health experts report currently that the virus is largely spread through “larger respiratory droplets” from when a person sneezes or coughs. The WHO has recommended heavy hand washing, even though the CDC now reports that contracting the virus from surfaces only plays a minor role.

If it is reported that the virus is airborne, the Timesays, “The consequences for containment will be significant.”

New measures people would have to take include wearing face masks indoors, and healthcare workers would have to wear mandatory N95 masks to “filter out even the smallest respiratory droplets as they care for coronavirus patients.”

Also, ventilation systems would need to be maintained to “minimize recirculating air.”

The Times reported that the surge of coronavirus cases after the reopening of businesses “increasingly” confirms “what many scientists have been saying for months: The virus lingers in the air indoors, infecting those nearby.”

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