Son’s Beautiful Tribute to His Late Father Lost to Coronavirus Goes Viral


John Pijanowski recently lost his father to coronavirus. He posted a tribute to his late dad, Donald John Pijanowski, on Twitter. His father passed away on April 1 at 87 years old from COVID-19.

In the emotional Twitter thread, the professor at the University of Arkansas shared heartwarming stories about his father. He mentioned that he had a good heart while also having a great work ethic and family values.

The professor started out the tweet by saying, “I want to tell you about my dad, Donald John Pijanowski.”

John told Today that he had a feeling that something was not right when he called his father on March 29. He explained how Sunday night they agreed to chat, but his father never picked up. Soon after, he called his brothers, who still live in Buffalo, New York, to check-in on him.

"He found him really not doing well," John said. "He was on the floor, basically couldn't move."

The brothers said they didn't think right away that it was the coronavirus. They all thought their father just fell down.

When paramedics arrived at his home, they took Donald to the hospital. He tested positive for the virus after showing multiple symptoms. After three days there, he died.

John then wanted to honor his father on Twitter. His tweets were filled with memories about his dad, his love for sports, and growing up in Buffalo.

He mentioned in a tweet, "Because of that and because he was such a giving guy and loving guy, I think a lot of kids in the neighborhood saw him as kind of the dad of the neighborhood. He was a surrogate dad for a lot of people."

Due to hospital protocol during this crisis, John and his brothers were not able to visit their father.

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